Allen stone - the radius preview

Project Name: National Museum of African American History and Culture,  Washington, DC
Architects: Adjaye Associates / Davis Brody Bond / Freelon / SmithGroupJJR
Structural Engineers: Guy Nordenson and Associates / Robert Silman Associates
General Contractor:   Clark/Smoot/Russell, a Joint Venture
The installation of the "free standing" glass box at the Orientation Theatre within the National Museum of African American History and Culture posed several significant coordination and engineering challenges. This architectural element creates a real presence when first entering the Museum. Also, a free floating glazing system on the museum’s second level creates the appearance of glass that simply "floats" through the design. Engineering and implementation of this element challenged all of the vendors, but in the end creates a visually unique and consistent view as you look from the lower floors up through the building to the upper floors. Finally, the design of two CAAMA rooms combined laminated vision glass panels that were a unique translucent color, with customized opaque panels that carried the same unique color. This changed from translucent to opaque multiple times throughout the room, and incorporated a sliding door and a swing door. Each of the translucent panels was back-painted to mask the ceiling transition. This took a considerable amount of coordination with the drywall and framing contractor as well as the door hardware vendors in order to properly create the illusion of this free floating room.

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Allen Stone - The Radius PreviewAllen Stone - The Radius PreviewAllen Stone - The Radius PreviewAllen Stone - The Radius Preview