Cyber people - digital signal processor

We feel like this camera will appeal to a variety of users including those seeking an all-in-one camera with serious reach for casual shooting, travel or vacationing. But advanced videographers may also find this camera tempting thanks to a laundry list of video features and good quality UHD capture.

We monitor intelligence on threats and security incidents and assess how they might affect health and care. We help health and care organisations respond to cyber attacks quickly and effectively to minimise impact. Severe threat notifications and recommended actions are sent out to our 10,000+ contacts immediately. Medium severity threat notifications are sent out in a weekly bulletin. All threats are published on our information sharing portal .

Taking pictures of everything from portraits to still life, buildings or landscape scenes and events is made easier with the versatile 28-100mm lens of the RX100. While its bright (W)-(T) aperture range gives it an advantage in low light scenes at its wide end. It also allows it to deliver attractive out-of-focus backgrounds when shooting at lower apertures. The camera also offers a tactile control ring around the lens, which can be customised to control functions such as zoom and exposure settings for example. The RX100 uses a wide-area AF that can be used to track subjects across the frame. It can also capture action at 10fps in continuous burst mode.

Cyber People - Digital Signal ProcessorCyber People - Digital Signal ProcessorCyber People - Digital Signal ProcessorCyber People - Digital Signal Processor